Frequently Asked Questions:

Does BoJax conduct the minimum state required 8 hour class for South Carolina's (CWP) Concealable Weapons Permit? No, the industry is full of "instructors" who will do that if you just want a card. Our state certified CWP classes are a minimum of 12 hours. We offer real world information; this does not happen in a packed classroom in 8 hours, don't fool yourself, 

Do I need a gun to take class?
No; however if you have one bring it, we can talk about all options; we can help you run it.
If you do not have one or are a beginner, before purchasing your first real gun, please take a class first.
Though we do not sell  guns; or memberships, we will have several types available for use.

How old do you have to be? Most classes are geared to adults; most are older adults. But there is no age limit on gun safety.Youth classes are avaiable and encouraged.
In fact in SC our CWP Certified Training, by state law, is good for 3 years.
So an 18 year old can take the full course and apply for their CWP on the 21st birthday.
All are classes revolve around the student interests.
An anchor student is encouraged, with 3-4 friends and or family; anchor waves tuition.  

What will I need to bring?
Bring what you need for an all day event.
There will not be much time for fetching.
Better you have and not need it, than need it and not have it.

How many people in each class?
Smaller class size....

What if it rains?
What if it does not; see above.

What is Class Schedule?
Our SC 2 Day CWP Classes are held on the first weekend of each month.
Private or Personal classes are held as requested.

Our web site is still under construction. Please excuse us while we finish updating all pages. For information not on the site yet, please call 843-757-7272.