BoJax Shooting School - Be Safe, Be Knowledgeable, Be Effective!
BoJax Shooting School in Bluffton South Carolina offers shooting classes for beginner to expert level. Whether you are shooting for fun, competition or self-defense, BoJax Shooting School offers a class designed to meet your needs.

Classes range from learning how to develop safe gun handling skills to advanced skills. Please check out our courses page for more details on our courses offered.

What Makes BoJax Different?

  • Class sizes are limited for more personal instruction.
  • Homework; reading material and a 2 hr. video are are assigned well before class, during registation, so we are ready to go promptly at 10:05 AM.
  • Students taught a method of performance analysis to be able to improve on their own.
  • All students leave the course with a new sense of comfort; and know-how for being around and or handling firearms, safe operation and self-defense.
What Makes BoJax Different?

Certified Weapons Permit Class
South Carolina law requires training from a SLED certified instructor to be eligible for a concealed weapon permit (CWP). Utilizing adult learning methods, this class covers all requirements to obtain your CWP.

Ladies, or Basic Firearms Clinic
How do modern pistols and revolvers work? Loading and unloading, How do I operate this thing? Come and find out, in a safe, relaxed environment. Mostly  classroom however; limited live fire training is provided. 

Our Courses

  • Basic Safety / Awareness
  • SLED Cetified CWP Instuctor
  • Holders of CWP: Levels I II III
  • Basic Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun
  • Suarez Combat Pistol I II
  • DTI Staff Instuctor
  • Graduate of Range Master

Have Questions?

We our currently re-working the website.

We hope to have online registration up next month and improved information.

Thanks to all the students these past several years we have been busy.


Feb. 2016